Why you have self-doubt and how to start overcoming it TODAY

If you’re setting goals that are in alignment with your potential, you’re bound to face self-doubt.

Your primitive brain, it doesn’t want you to stretch too far from your existing familiar life. It doesn’t want you to take big risks. It wants you to stay as close to certainty as possible.

And the only thing you can ever be certain about it is what you’ve already done and what you already have.

Your goals, on the other hand… they take you to an open land of uncertainty; and your primitive brain… it doesn’t want you to venture out too far!

In order for you to create and live up to your dreams and potential, you’ve got to move beyond this primitive brain conditioning.

You’ve got to learn to understand how it all works.

You’ve got to take back charge! …because the truth is that YOU get to decide what you make of your life, even if it doesn’t feel like that sometimes.

That can change.

You can learn the skill of managing your brain; and the first step is awareness.

So instead of rationalizing/positive thinking yourself out of your doubt-thoughts, open yourself to them. Look at them. Acknowledge them.

They aren’t your truth anyway… so for once, stop avoiding/ignoring/suppressing them. Allow yourself to see the doubt-thoughts your brain is creating, without judging yourself for any of it; It’s just a function of your brain afterall.

So write all your doubt thoughts on paper in front of you.
And you’ve already made progress! For now, these thoughts don’t mere exist in you anymore. They’re outside you, for you to see them objectively.

This small step of watching your thoughts without judgment and with curiosity, is a big leap for you.

Try it.

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