Why there are so many unfulfilled people in the world?

Doing something we’ve never done before requires us to be someone we’ve never been before.

The bigger the doing… the greater it demands from us.

It’s not always easy… but that’s not because ‘doing’ it is hard.

The doing part is mostly just some steps we need to follow.

The hard part is being.

Being the person it takes to get.it.done.

Being constrained.

Being committed.

Being focused.

Being excited.

Being passionate.

Why there are so many unfulfilled people in the world? Because we are not fully-filling our potential.

And our potential is not in the doing… it’s in the being.

It’s in learning the skill of choosing who we be.

It’s in unlearning the limitations we’ve put on our identity.

It’s in truly realizing what all we are capable of doing… by being the person it takes.

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