Why is it so hard to do the things we want to do?

WHAT to do, is not very hard to figure out. Seriously… any clarity you think you’re missing and/or seek is just a few great questions and some introspection away.

And HOW to do it is even easier to find out, especially in the day and age of the Googles.

Then why is it often so hard to do the things we want to do in our life?

The answer lies in your brain… and in the story of our evolution.

Since the beginning of times, our brain’s primary job has been to keep us alive.

It makes sure we are breathing… that all our bodily functions are regulated.

Now, all through evolution, the brain has been motivated by survival.

Our survival instincts, coupled with our unique human ability to think way into the future, and plan our way forward, has brought humanity so far… making our species almost invincible. No other species of animals have made such big leaps in evolution, as we did.

But the same brain that has brought us so far has now become the reason why we feel stuck in our current modern times… where you and I get to be a part of the society where out survival is not in danger in the same way as it was for our ancestors. Our world is full of comfort, a sense of security, and endless pleasure-sources.

The primitive part of our brain is so vested in this predictability and familiarity (well because that’s the safe place for it), that it resists any attempts that may involve risking this sense of safety/familiarity. It would rather you watch the netflix and chill than expend your energy in ‘dangerous’, unknown, or uncertain activities.

So to the question, why is it so hard to do the things we want to do?

Because a part of our brain that has been fueling us in the past, has now become an obstacle in our way.

Our Biology is what’s making us ‘lazy’.

I believe that learning to manage our minds is no more just an interest for a selective few… it’s become an imperative need of our times.

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