When results don’t match your expectations

When you set out to achieve a goal… and your results don’t match your expectations, we have a tendency to really beat ourselves up; to be really harsh with ourselves.

Set out to make 5 sales, and made 1?

We tell ourselves “I only made one sale”

Sounds like we’re narrating the news. But it’s not true.

You know what IS true?? YOU MADE ONE SALE!


But when you make your results mean something negative, we totally miss out the progress that we DID make on the way.

I only lost 1 pound; I only got half the things done; I only got a few clicks on my funnel. I only got an inquiry.

It’s not only… it’s ONE FUCKING STEP FORWARD.

That’s called PROGRESS, my friend!

Don’t let your brain tell you otherwise!

You’re on the right way… Celebrate the little progress you ARE making! Then take notes, and keep going.

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