What works for you?

The ‘right’ thing. The ‘right’ choice. The ‘right’ person. The ‘right’ decision. The ‘right’ idea. The ‘right’ time.

Wanting to do it ‘right’

Needing for it to be ‘right’

Waiting for it to be ‘right’

But who gets to decide what’s ‘right’?

It’s such a subjective word.

As counterintuitive as it may sound, we put huge limitations on ourselves when we try to do the ‘right’ thing. ‘Cause that ‘right’ requires you to judge yourself all through the way. (think about it!)


So, I invite you to consider a different possibility here:

What if, instead of what’s ‘right’, you start to approach your life & business from a place of what works?

There’s a big difference between these two perspectives. When you’re taking the ‘right’ perspective, you’re judging yourself – and everything involved  – from whatever you’ve decided that ‘right’ looks like. But when you operate from the perspective of what ‘works’, you step out of that judgment and approach things with a lot more curiosity & openness.

And imagine – if for next 6 months, you did one thing that ‘works’, every single day – without judging yourself or the process on the way, how different would your life and your results be?

So, here are two questions for you to play with this week:

      • What is it that you desire to create in your life, and in the world? ; and
      • What one-choice can you make today that will take you closer to that?

Move beyond judgment, my friend… that’s where true creation occurs.


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