What Creates Your Happy?


What is happiness for you?

For me it’s a gleaming vibration in my body that expands my heart, raises my energy, and radiates through my eyes. Happiness feels awesome. But ever wonder what creates this emotion/vibration in your body?

What creates your happy…?

Certain people?


A new car/house/outfit?

Sure, these things can feel Awesome… temporarily.

And that’s because none of these create your happiness.


You know what creates your happy?

It’s what’s on your mind about each of these things in a given moment that creates your happy experience of it. It’s potentially impossible for anything outside of you to bring you an emotion.

Emotion is your mind’s job.

As what’s-on-your-mind changes, so does your internal experience.

Circumstances (or things outside our realm of control) can trigger thoughts. And the quality of these thoughts creates your experience of life. That’s what creates your happy.

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