Wanting to do it Right…

The ‘right’ thing. The ‘right’ choice. The ‘right’ person. The ‘right’ decision. The ‘right’ idea. The ‘right’ time.

Wanting to do it ‘right’

Needing for it to be ‘right’

Waiting for it to be ‘right’

But who gets to decide what’s ‘right’? It’s such a subjective word.

So many unfulfilled dreams could turn manifest… Only if we – the dreamers – stopped waiting for that ‘right’.

Instead of doing the ‘right’ thing, do any ‘one’ thing towards your dream/goal.

Instead of waiting on the ‘right’ choice, just make *a* choice; and course-correct on your way.

Instead of looking for that ‘right’ person, BE that person who makes it work.

Get out of the analysis paralysis of making a ‘right’ decision. Just make a decision and go all-in with it… MAKE IT the right decision.

Pick one idea and decide it’s the right idea. Go all-in with that.


THIS is the right time, my friend!

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