This is a perfect time to reconnect

I noticed last week that I was feeling disconnected from my work. I had to put in extra effort in getting things done. Sure, it’s been a crazy time past few weeks – with all the news and uncertainty around the world right now.

So how do we stay present and connected to our work? 

The answer is – by reconnecting to the source of this journey.

This is the perfect time to reconnect to your WHY.

The WHY behind your dream, your project, your business.

Why are you doing it?

Getting-the-job-done, the money, the clients, the impact – they are all the RESULTS, and not the reason. 

Often on the way, we get so lost in action that we lose our perspective and confuse the result to be the reason why.

But the result can never be the reason. It never was!

For when you started this journey, there was a spark within you – a desire, a dream, a vision, a hope… that spark is the source of your journey!

So take moment and think about it… direct your brain to rediscover your WHY.

What is the real reason you’re doing what you’re doing?

What is the real reason you started doing this in the first place?

That reason is the source; the fuel you need right now!

This time is an awakening of a sort… and it’s calling you to take a pause from the rush of ‘doing’… and re-connect to the source within- that place from where it all started!

I really encourage you to do this exercise this week! Reconnect with your why.  You don’t have to do it in one sitting; be curious about these questions as you go on with your day. Let your brain do the work in the background (like it always does). 

Why are you doing this work? What’s the real reason you started? 

Would love to hear it from you!

Sharing my re-discoveries from this exercise:

Here’s why I started doing this work: I want to see a world where people are loved and accepted for who they are.. where non-judgment ‘is’ the way… where people are celebrated for their difference… a world where we be-who-we-are and love-what-we-do… a world where we uplift each other… and a world where we take care of our planet in a conscious & loving way!
I dreamed of a world that thrives in oneness & consciousness!

This is the real reason I do what I do. 

Because I know that the world changes, when we change. When we love and accept ‘ourselves’ first.. when we allow ourselves to be who we are, without judgment! Where we’re present with what IS; and where we fuel ourselves & our businesses with love! The world is empowered when WE are empowered. For we can only give as much as we have! 

I know that THAT’s where we show up as our best version… and the world needs more of that!

That is why I do what I do!

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  1. malvika gupta

    Love this! So true. And thanks for the exercise as well as the reminder to re-connect with our source. 🙂

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