The REAL truth about you…

We often believe that the sentences running in our head are true.

But you know what something that’s really true called…? A fact.

Something that everyone would agree with.

Something that can be proven and verified.

Something that cannot be argued.

Like, the Earth is round.

A neutral matter-of-fact.

Now, how about the sentences (or thoughts) that run in our heads….

I’m not good enough.

I’m falling behind.

She’s so’s much better than me.

How true are these?

How do you measure ‘good’…? …or ‘enough’?

What’s ‘behind’? Who’s created the rules here?

How do we really know what’s ‘better’?

What’s the parameter based on which we measure these things? Would EVERYONE agree?

The sentences we believe about ourselves are seldom true… and even rarely questioned from a place of curiosity.

Take a moment to write down all your nasty thoughts, doubts and fears around/about yourself. And then re-read your sentences, from a place of curiosity….

Is it true?

Can you verify it?

Would ALL the 7 billion people agree?

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