The only thing that’s ‘wrong’…

I used to think that academics would be my key to happiness and lasting inner peace. I was wrong. I became the university gold medalist; and I was still miserable.

I used to think the ‘perfect’ job would bring me a sense of calm and worthiness. I was wrong again. I earned my dream job; and I still felt unrestful and unworthy.

“That’s it. I need to do-my-own-thing.”, I said. Struggled my way to become a full-time freelancer, doing exactly what I wanted. And wait, what? I was still feeling unsettled and unhappy.

My partner. For sure it’s because he doesn’t x, y, & z. So I broke up with him to pursue another relationship. And I was still not feeling good.

“What the hell is wrong with me?”

Well. The only thing wrong was my approach.

So many times, we think that doing something will help us feel better.

It doesn’t work.

And reason it doesn’t work is that our actions don’t create our feelings.

Something or someone does not create our feelings.

Our thoughts do. Literally.

The vibration of our thoughts shows up as a feeling inside our body.

It’s only our mind and what’s in it that determines how we feel.


It was only when I started working at the ‘thought’ level, that I truly started to change at the feeling-level. And It was only when I learnt how to truly feel feelings – like literally feel those intense vibrations in-my-body, did I start creating real change and impact in my own life.

The work then is not about what we’re doing and not doing; It’s about being present with what we’re thinking, and with what we’re not thinking.

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