The ‘How’ Obsession..

Human brain likes certainty.

Its single most important job is to ensure its human’s survival… and the brain is pretty good at this job.

And so it creates this how-obsession.

The moment you set a goal… the brain’s immediate reaction is to go to ‘how?’. It wants to make sure it knows. It takes comfort in that knowing.

But there are two ways in which we can ask that same question.

  • How? – from a place of genuine curiosity and wonder; and
  • How? – from a place of desperateness and frantic energy.

The place that the survival-driven part of our brain likes to go to is the latter.

The moment there is a hint of uncertainty (as in the case of your goals), the survival-brain freaks out. And it goes out asking several how’s; but they all come from a place of fear.

How am I gonna do this? How do I ensure success? How will I make money? How will I survive?


The truth is – there is only one time you’ll have a certain answer to these questions… and that’s when you’ve already done it!

There is no way for you to know what YOUR exact how is going to be, until you’ve already done it.


This frantic how-obsession…

It’s just your primitive brain freaking out.

It’s seeking certainty…

…in a place where there cannot be one.


Because YOUR journey and YOUR HOW will be different that anyone elses. And how you really find out, is by figuring out on the way.

There WILL be fails – big and small…. But if you’re in how-obsession, you’ll make those fails mean that YOU have failed.

That’s never true.

You either keep going… or you quit; but you never fail!

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There is the survival part of your brain – that resists change and uncertainty, and then there is the more-sophisticated part of your brain which gives you the ability to dream, and set goals, and plan for them (it’s called the pre-frontal cortex). If you’d like to learn the skill of managing your brain, and gaining charge of your life, I invite you to book Free 45-minute Consultation & Clarity Coaching where I’ll show you the exact process I use with my clients to help them create the kind of progress they want to make. Let’s talk!

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