The gift

An awakening of a sort is going on around the world. The earth is changing. The ‘norms’ are being questioned. The reality as we know of it is changing.

What I also witness changing is me from within. I’ve had to slow down and really look at what’s working and what’s not working in my life; at the highest level. Everywhere my life had become more about ‘doing’ than ‘being’ has come clear to surface.

This time is demanding us to be fiercely present.

To look into ‘fear’ in the eye.

To not buy-into it.

And to become curious – about the greater possibilities this could bring in to our lives.

What’s the gift here?

What’s right about all this?

What infinite possibilities are available now?

What contribution can I receive? What contribution can I be?

This time has presented you with the biggest challenge – and the biggest opportunity – of your life. How you show up now will determine the course of your future.

And NO, that does not mean that you gotta DO something about it. At least that’s not where you start.

You’ve got to start with BEING first.

BEING more present – with what’s going on within you.

BEING more compassionate with yourself.

BEING in allowance of how you’re feeling.

BEING vulnerable.

BEING kind.

And then, and only then…

BEING courageous!

          Courageous enough to stay curious through this time.

          Courageous enough to show up in your life from a new space of being

Courageous enough to connect with and to follow your own inner wisdom, in action.

This time is calling for your highest self to show up; from a place of vulnerability, gratitude, & love.

This time can be a beautiful gift.

Are you willing to receive it?


What are you struggling with the most in this time? Leave your response in the comment below so I can help you! You’re not in this alone! xx

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