Pause your rush to get to your goals, & read this!

If you find yourself rushing to your goals, you’ve gotta slow down for a second! Because that RUSH is slowing you down. (what!? I know, stay with me for a second here!)

 ‘Rush’ is an indication that you’re judging where you are right now; and that you think it’s gonna be better on the other side.

(Read. That. Again.)

Back in the days, humans would rush when they’d think there might be a danger around, or on the way. You’d rush to escape the danger.

But when you’re rushing now, in the modern-day world – where your survival is taken care of in the traditional sense – what ‘danger’ are you trying to escape?

I’ll tell you what – it’s your own judgment of yourself, and where you are!

If our progress (or pace)does not match our ‘expectation’, we tend to beat the crap out of ourselves with worry & judgment. And that steals our energy & joy on the way! With less energy & less joy, we compromise our productivity; thereby slowing our true potential & progress down. 

Now imagine if you were taking the exact same actions towards your goal, but from a calm space. Can you tell how it would be different? You’ll be WAY more productive, be way more resilient, and have way more fun on the way! You’ll be figuring things out while being resourceful & creative in your approach. Thereby making way more progress (and way sooner) than otherwise!

‘Rushing’ is an insidious trap. Because it feels very important. But in truth, it slows you down.


If you’d like to find your own truth with this, here are some questions to ask yourself:

What am I in rush to get away from?

What am  I in rush to get to?

And Why?

Your honest answer to these questions will reveal you the exact thought-errors you need you overcome to create a productive forward-momentum!

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