Life is a 50-50 game. Are you in it?


Life is a 50-50 game. It’s 50 percent the opposite of the other 50 percent.

That means if there is happiness, there is an opposite to that which exists – unhappiness. And in fact it’s the presence of unhappiness that makes us definitely understand that there is ‘happiness’. And vice versa.

There is ‘positive’ because there is negative. And vice versa.

If it weren’t for the other half, we won’t have these descriptive terms at all. Think of it. If happiness was all there was to be, how will we know that’s what it is.

Polarity. The 50-50. There’s a lot of beauty to that. It adds to our human experience.  It adds to our experience of being alive in this marvelous physical world.

So, want to feel more alive?

You gotta open yourself up to ALL of that 50-50 experience that life has to offer. Receive the happiness. Receive the unhappiness.  Receive the ‘positive’. Receive the ‘negative’.

Receive it all. Without making it mean more than what it does.

Allow it all.

Just as is.

Life is a 50-50 game. Are you in it?

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