Hi, I'm Ava,

(aka Apoorvaa)

Just like you, I’m a woman trying to figure out how to minimize friction in my life so I can truly and fully show up for things that matter.

For as long as I can think back in my life… I’ve wanted to create an impact and make a meaningful contribution in the world.

I was born and brought up in India, amidst pretty rough circumstances and a highly dysfunctional family life. I remember craving for something better from a very young age. But even as life, situations, and circumstances around me changed for better, how I felt didn’t change much. Something was missing.

I studied Psychology to understand human behavior, and essentially myself. I thought it would be my key to finally be able to help myself – and other people – in a meaningful and positive way. However, after completing 5 years of education in Psychology – and infact acing it as a gold medalist – I still found myself with this dire sense that something’s missing; and I had no idea what.

After years of desperate, frustrating, and white knuckling search for that something, I discovered the world of Life Coaching.

Coaching not only helped me find the missing links in my life, but I realized how they’ve been within me all along. The guidance I’ve received through Coaching has helped me make leaps of progress in my own inner & outer life.


What I learned from coaching (and now teach to others), helped me gain massive clarity and confidence. It helped me enjoy my relationship with myself and my loved ones. It’s helped me feel more present and centered in my life and in my business. It’s helped me create that enriching wholesome experience of life that I always knew was possible.

Today I have the honor of helping women (and a few brave men) gain clarity towards and produce results they desire in their life. My clients range from young professionals to leaders & entrepreneurs who know that something greater should be possible for them… and I couldn’t be more proud of the work I get to do with them, in changing their experience and results in life.

I believe all of my previous experiences and education has prepared me to do this work.

I’m one lucky girl.

And guess what?

So are you.

I will help you find that.

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