HOW your Thinking creates your Results

All your current results can be traced down to your thinking.

Literally, every result you have in your life right now, comes from your thoughts.

Want to play along and see it for yourself?

Grab your journal and do the 4 steps:

1. Pick any ONE result you have right now. Make sure it’s not something vague like – “Life is great” or “I’m a hot mess”… Pick a clear, specific, and measurable result. Something you can prove you have.

2. Answer this question – how did YOU create this result? What exactly did you do, or did-not-do, that got you this result? This is literally cause-effect. get to the math of your result. (This step also helps you claim your role in creating this result in your life.)

3. Once you know what you did (or did not do) that  created this result for you, answer this question: What was my dominant feeling that drove me to show up like that?

4. Finally, ask yourself this – Why was I feeling that way?


That fourth answer – it’ll show you your thoughts.

Those thoughts are what’s at the root of your results.

Your thinking is what ultimately creates your life.

It always has been.

It always will be.

It’s a very powerful thing to witness, and to understand.

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