How Your Problems are Serving You

Think of the one key area where you feel stuck the most in life.

How is it serving you to stay stuck in that?

When I ask this question to my clients, they immediately respond in denial saying – It doesn’t serve me at all.

But then I tell them that it does.

Think of it… if it was not serving you in any way, you would have changed it already.

Our problems are serving us… in weird and insidious ways.

And here’s a way to figure out how it might be serving you to stay stuck: Answer this to yourself – What would you be doing if you didn’t have this ‘problem’ to engage yourself with all the time? What would you be creating out in the world?

Our primitive brain much rather stay stuck in the familiarity of the ‘problem’ than venture out into the uncertainty of that dream.

The reason you’re stuck is not because it’s hard to find your way out; you’re stuck because once you do, then you’ve got to show up for that which you’re here for.

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Moving beyond your ‘problem’, into the realm of your dreams is not rocket science. In fact, it’s very simple. It may not be easy, but I promise you – it IS very simple. The only thing that keeps you stuck, is your mismanaged brain… The only thing that’s getting in your way, is your mind. If you’d like to learn how Life & Self-Confidence Coaching can help you get un-stuck and create an unwavering momentum in your life, I invite you to  book a Free 45-minute Consultation & Clarity Coaching with me. Let’s talk!

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