How to stop making things harder than they are?

I get it. There’s a lot of hard stuff going on for many of us.
We’re having to deal with unprecedented times and come up with unprecedented ideas and solutions for our living, our work, & our businesses.

But here’s the thing… we tend to make things harder than they are. (There’s a whole brain science behind it and that’s a whole new conversation for another time). And if you’ve got any perfectionist tendencies (🙋), well then you’re probably a master at this!

So how do we change that? How can we stop making things any harder than they are??

And the answer to that is also easier than you’d think.

by asking a question.

Like, really… think about this – is it possible that there’s an easier way to do something.. and that you simply haven’t considered yet? The only reason you haven’t considered it yet is because you never thought about that possibility.

So this week, I want you to think about any ONE thing/area/situation in your life that’s been ‘hard’ for you… and wonder what other possibilities might exist that you haven’t yet considered…


What if this could be easy? What would I choose different?

Take a break from the ‘doing’, my friend (even if it’s just in your mind)… move your body around… and then BE in the wonderment of these questions for a while.

‘Cause here’s a beautiful thing about questions – they can be an invitation to a different possibility.

So play with it this week; perhaps put a reminder in your phone. And take time to think about.. What if this could be easy? What would you choose different?

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