Genuine Optimism

Are you confusing optimistic/positive thinking with wishful thinking?

  • “I’ve made an offer; I’m gonna be optimistic about it… I’ll get a positive response from them within my expected time-frame”

No, no, no, my friend! That’s NOT an optimistic way to think; That’s a wishful way of thinking.

Genuine optimism acknowledges that future is an open field of possibilities… and while it’s possible that you get a positive response within the expected time-frame, it’s also possible that you don’t. Genuine optimism opens itself to ALL the possibilities, without any judgement; including the ones that go against your desired expectations!

“I’d love it if they got back to me today; but even if they don’t, that’s okay. I can handle whatever comes my way. I’m not gonna beat myself about it; and I’m gonna figure this out!”

Genuine optimism embraces the fear of uncertainty. It embraces the fact that your desired result may not be created in that specific way you want/expect it to. 

Genuine optimism comes with belief in oneself. For when you believe in your ability to handle ANY situation, without beating the crap out of yourself… that’s when you’re truly being optimistic in your approach. Otherwise, you’re just indulging in unintentional wishful thinking.

Watch out for that trap!

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