Feeling stressed

Feeling Stressed

Today a client told me that she’s stressed about a new project.

I asked her why was she stressed?

She said, “I don’t know how it will go.”

I asked her if it’s possible for her to think of her project in a different light…

More like, I’m gonna figure the details out as I go.

She said, “Oh yeah, I believe that I will.”

I asked her how it felt to think that about her project.

“Relaxed”, she said.

Nothing had changed. Same project. Same situation. And in less than one minute she went from feeling Stressed to Relaxed. With a simple change of thought.

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We’re unintentionally creating our stresses; and all other unpleasant emotions in our life. Yes, we are the ones creating our own feelings, our own miseries, and our own joys… through how we’re choosing to think. If you’d like to claim your true power & potential, you’ve got to start at the mind. ‘cause truly that’s the only thing between you and your desired life & results. I invite you to book a Free 45-minute Consultation & Clarity Coaching with me where I’ll show you the power of your own mind and how you can use that to fuel your journey to your deepest desired & goals.


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