Failure Resilience

Failure resilience is the most important skill you can develop.

Here’s the thing… our education entrains us to think that not-failing is the way to succeed.

We’re rewarded for each ‘good’ grade; and failure is almost like a punishment in itself – something to avoid and stay away from.

Fast forward to the adult (real) life; and ‘failure’ is an essential ingredient to success.

(As they say, success is built on a pile of failure)

And so the problem is that while our brains have gotten conditioned to look at failure as something bad and something to avoid at all costs… this old conditioning is not serving your dreams, your goals, and your potential.

…For all that is achieved walking through ‘failures’.

And so the most important skill to develop as a purpose-driven adult, is ‘failure resilience’ – where you’re not reactive to a result;

…where instead, you open yourself up to the result, even when it doesn’t match your expectations.

…where you’re willing to stay present through the discomfort of an unwanted result that we often call “failure”.

Because it’s in moving though that discomfort, that you create the life of your dreams!

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I’m a failure queen. I’ve done and tired hundreds of things in my business that didn’t work. And I continue to fail, and learn, and grow, and evolve. That’s how I build my business. And that’s how I’m growing in it. It’s uncomfortable, and yet it’s the lifeline – literally the only way to ensure success! That’s why, in The Self-Confidence Reboot, I coach my clients on developing their own failure resilience – so they can stop getting in the way of their dreams.

If you’re missing this very important piece, I invite you to sign up for a Free 45-minute Consultation & Clarity Session, where I’ll show you how you can fulfill any dream, and grow into your potential #TheSelfConfidenceWay. Let’s talk!

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