Email-List-Building Overview

Think of this as an Email List Building Overview for Dummies; except that you’re not a dummy! We all start somewhere. And I want to make it a little easy for you. 😊

This week I created a simple hand-drawn pdf for a couple clients who are new in Business and are learning how things work as they grow their businesses. (by the way, they both started their online businesses from scratch, less than 6 months ago; and they already have clients… even though they are only just starting to learn about email-marketing and all that fancy online business building jazz. So, in case you judge yourself for not having done-it-all already, know this > business building is a process, and we each have our own way around it. No rules. No this-after-that. No first-this-then-that. It’s a beautifully messy and totally non-linear process, unique to you.)

Okay. I digressed. Back to the topic.

I’m a huge proponent for imperfect forward movement, so a huge part of the work we do is getting over the perfectionist-tendencies.

This week, I got live my talk. And instead of going berserk creating a ‘perfect’ document on Canva, I chose to make a simple hand-drawn overview to show what’s actually going on with the whole list-building thing.

So this one’s especially for the freshers and newbie’s in the online business building world. I know the struggle of figuring out what is what – there are a bunch of elements involved at each step. And I’ve become an expert at navigating people through this journey, making it as easy and simple to understand & implement as possible.

So here’s a simple Overview on this whole email-list-building thing, to give you a full-perspective (and some gentle reminders). I know this will be a resource for you and so wanted to give you an option to download it.

Heads-up: You will be signed up to my email list when you download it; but if you don’t like hearing from me, you’ll alwyas have the option to unsubscribe. 🙂

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