Changing what’s ‘hard’ for you..

Today we’ll have that conversation again, in a new light…with new words.

Life is meant to be very simple.

Business is meant to be very simple.

The only thing that complicates this simplicity is our own mind.


Misguided thinking.

Unquestioned thinking.

Sentences in our heads that we assume are facts.

this is hard” is one such sentence that we never truly question.

We say, many people agree with it… and now we’re stuck with this point of view.

But what if it’s not true?

There is the work-it-takes-to-get-something-done…

And then there is a point of view that ‘it’s hard’

What if it’s not?

What if the only reason we make it hard it because of that approach we take towards it?

So today, I want you to pick any one thing you find ’hard’…

Get present with it

…and loosen up your grip a little.

Allow yourself to get curious…

slow down, and have this little dialogue with yourself:


“I’ve been believing this is hard.

And it feels true. I can feel the hard.

But does it really have to be hard?

It’s not hard for everyone. So I wonder, in what ways am I creating it ‘hard’?

What if it’s not meant to be ‘hard’?

What if was meant to be simple?

What am I choosing that’s making it hard?


What change is available here?

What else could I choose?”

Stay in wonderment of that!


 “This is impossible” – Alex

“Only if you believe it” – The Mad Hatter

– from Alice in wonderland

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