Are you toning down your potential?

Anytime you are tempted to tone down a goal you have set for yourself – PLEASE STOP!

When we set a goal, we also tend to insidiously create an idealistic image(/expectation) of *how* it’s going to go on the way.

But the ground reality is that things seldom go the way we expect them to. And that’s not a bad thing. It’s just what is. Accomplishing a goal takes practice, persistence, and lots of great learning on the way; and you’ve got to open yourself to it all.

That *urge* to tone down your goal and make it more ‘realistic’… it’s natural. It’s just your brain trying to protect you from feeling the ‘negative’ experience of unmet-expectations.

But that ‘negative’ experience, it’s the currency to your goal. (And once you learn to manage your mind, you’ll see how it isn’t that ‘negative’ after all.)

So next time you feel the urge to tone down your goal, don’t.

Because in toning it down, you’re also toning down your own potential.

Instead, move *towards* that discomfort, embrace it, and keep going.

  • Raise your shoulders;
  • Reconnect with your body;
  • Evaluate your current result;
  • Learn from it; and
  • Level up your game, as you keep going…. Until you hit your goal!

That’s the only sure-shot way to success!

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